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Necronomi-RomCom containing Hearts Synchronize is out!

Hey everyone, M. here,

I’m thrilled to share that the Necronomi-RomCom anthology has been called forth from the abyss and is now available for purchase in paperback or Kindle format!

After two years of Cthulhuvian gestation in the hands of editor/publisher Gevera Bert Piedmont this two-tome duology is finally here, featuring dozens of tales that bridge the gap between the heartfelt hilarity of romantic comedies and the mind-numbing terrors of the Cthulhu Mythos. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m happy to be again appearing alongside some of my favorite contemporary cosmic horror authors, John DeLaughter, J.L. Royce, and Miguel Fliguer (whose story with Mike Slater appears in the Light edition) and a ton of other names both new and familiar.

My story Hearts Synchronize¬†appears in the Dark edition and, as I put it over on Facebook, follows perennially underemployed hero Greg Beaman as he takes on two of humanity’s most enduring metaphysical questions: 1.) what is love? and 2.) why do squid-maggots the size of a 12-pound trout keep emerging from another dimension and coming after me?

I can’t tell you if this tale holds the answer to either of those questions because those would be big spoilers, but I can tell you that on the way to finding out you’ll get romantic escapades, body horror and barfing aplenty, and even a reference to experimental composition or two. Everything you’ve ever wanted in a romantic comedy, right?¬† So check it out, and while you’re waiting for the book to hit your mailbox, take another second to marvel at that incredible cover art for the Dark edition right there on the screen. I can’t wait to see what this arcane volume looks like in print!

More news to come soon, take care everyone!