Check out “Head on the Door” — Available NOW as an online preview!

Hey everybody, M. here,

I’m stoked to say that my story Head on the Door is now up online as a teaser for the print/digital edition of cyberpunk magazine Write Ahead/The Future Looms Vol. 11. I’m so happy to be featured alongside a mix of eclectic authors from around the world. Check it out, let me know what you think if you are so inclined — and follow me on Facebook to stay on top of what else I’ve got looming in the future.


2 thoughts on “Check out “Head on the Door” — Available NOW as an online preview!

  1. Mark Everglade

    Hi. Do you also have a Twitter I can follow? I am more active supporting cyberpunk fiction on there. As a fellow cyberpunk author I’m happy to follow you.


  2. M. Post author

    Hey Mark, thanks for dropping by the site! I don’t currently have a Twitter (when I have tried using Twitter before I haven’t really enjoyed it, but I might put one together one of these days eventually — who knows). For now all I’ve got in terms of social media is my FB page, I just liked your author page over there.

    In lieu of more social media stuff I have also been considering doing some more stuff with this website — I’ve seen more authors doing email lists lately to get their blog posts to people without needing them to be on social media, and I thought that was actually kind of a cool idea, especially since I’m hoping to get more movie reviews up here during the Halloween season, time permitting, in addition to whatever fiction news happens to materialize.

    Anyway thanks again for saying hi, I’m looking forward to checking out what you’ve got going on over on FB and your website, looks like you’ve been doing quite a bit lately! Take care!

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