Die By The Sword Volume II out now!

Hey everybody, M. here,

Big news in case you missed it! Earlier this week, Die By The Sword Volume II hit the shelves, containing 12 new stories of blood-soaked high adventure including my latest, The Eye Within The Eye. The story is a direct sequel to my story The Tears of Blood from the first volume of Die By The Sword, and follows the continuing adventures of Ulxedomus, Crown Prince of K’Zal, now augmented with an alien presence occupying his eye socket, as he tracks his brother the Usurper through a weird, violent world of mad monarchs, crazed cults, deadly landscapes, bizarre monstrosities and more on his quest for vengeance.

Don’t sleep on this one, fans of blood and thunder! Grab yourself a copy right here and dig in if you dare! If you’ve not yet read the story that kicked off the adventure, you can still pick up a copy of the acclaimed first Die By The Sword anthology as well.

And you’re curious about my inspiration, influences, and so on when it comes to writing sword & sorcery, weird horror, science fiction, and more, check out this interview I did last year with DMR Books as part of the Independent Author Spotlight. I got a chance to go deep into my background as an author, the differences between writing dark fantasy set in a secondary world and fiction in contemporary settings, and a bunch of other stuff you might find interesting.