Selected Reviews

Reviews of “Birth” (Weirdbook Magazine #44, May 2021)

“…the author manages to make many disparate elements come together into a unified whole. The story’s structure provides an unusually profound character portrait of the protagonist. The ending is unexpected, and offers strange beauty as well as cosmic awe and wonder.” — Victoria Silverwolf, Tangent Online. read the full review.

“…bizarre, unexpected, and awesome… truly worthy of Weirdbook!” – J.N. Cameron, author, host of Tales of the Fantastic Podcast.

Review of “After the After Party” (Lovecraftiana, Candelmas 2021)

“Excellent story. The pacing is top notch and never lets up. The reveal or should I say ‘reveals’ are excellent… The creatures are also intriguing.” – Mike T. Lyddon, author, illustrator, indie horror director.


Reviews of “Payload” (Startling Stories, February 2021)

“I liked this one quite a lot.” — Dave Brzeski, SFcrowsnest. read the full review.

“The story gets under one’s skin… and puts the reader a bit on edge… Very well done, this tale.”–Tara Grimravn, Tangent Online. read the full review.

“…[A] good one.” –Sam Tomaino, SVRevu. read the full review.

Selected Interviews
Interview with VR show/podcast Simulation Nation: in which host Graham Tallman and I discuss cyberpunk, language learning, Black Mirror, emotional complexity in life and science fiction, turning weird ideas into stories, Rudy Rucker, and a bunch of other stuff,

How to get a hold of me for press purposes
Did you read an M. Stern story, dig it, and want to interview me about my interests, my writing, or just what my deal is in general for your blog or zine? I’m happy to talk. The best way to get a hold of me a this point is to either drop me a comment on the blog or like/follow my author page on Facebook and shoot me a message there. Or you can get me at my new email address, which is the URL of this website, (minus) the “.com” part, (plus) “” (take that, spammers!).