Die By The Sword Volume II contributor copy

Hey everybody, M. here,

I can’t believe I am only just now getting around to posting this here (though I did share it over on Facebook) but a few weeks ago I got my contributor copy of Die By The Sword Volume II and the book looks truly incredible.

You can see it in the picture there on the left, but this is seriously one to pick up a physical copy of in order to appreciate the energy radiating from this beast, and to enjoy the contents!

This anthology contains my story The Eye Within The Eye, a direct sequel to The Tears of Blood¬†which appears in the first Die By The Sword anthology. It follows Ulxedomus, Crown Prince of K’Zal, and the alien now trapped in his eye socket, as they traverse a bizarre and hostile world of weird cults, mad monarchs, and vicious adversaries to track down his brother–the usurper who brought the Kingdom of K’Zal to ruin.

I am happy to say that I am once again appearing alongside NWOTHM luminary Howie K. Bentley and Celtic scholar Ethan Sabetella who had stories in the first book, as well as U.K. genre fiction legend Adrian Cole, who I have appeared alongside previously in Weirdbook¬†and Startling Stories, and a bunch of other authors writing the grittiest, wildest new dark fantasy going. So dig in for blood and thunder; heroes and horrors! And if you haven’t yet, you can still pick up the first, acclaimed Die By The Sword anthology to start with the debut adventure.

The Necronomi-RomCom is coming…
In other news the hotly-anticipated Cthulhu Mythos/rom-com mashup anthology Necronomi-RomCom is getting closer to hitting the shelves–word has it from publisher Obsidian Butterfly that the book is in the midst of the layout process at the moment. The dark book of the duology will contain my short story Hearts Synchronize, a romantic comedy that contains way more body horror, experimental musical composition, threats from extra-spatial realms, and probably also more barfing than your average Hallmark movie–so the way Hallmark movies should be in an ideal world.

As you can see in one of my previous posts, the cover art is totally on point. The lineup is solid, too — I’m stoked to be appearing once again alongside some of my favorite writers of contemporary Lovecraft fiction John A. DeLaughter, J.L. Royce, and Miguel Fliguer (Argentina’s one and only expert on Lovecraftian cooking, whose story with Mark Slater will appear in the light book), and a ton of other names both known and new to me. Can’t wait for this one to arrive!

Anyway, time for me to try to stop staring at the screen for a second and do some reading. Take care everyone!