Necronomi-RomCom cover/TOC release

Hey everyone, M. here,

Stuff is starting to get cooking here in 2024 as anthology editor/curator Gevera Bert Piedmont over at Obsidian Butterfly just released the cover art and table of contents for The Necronomi-RomCom, As I shared over on Facebook the other day, my short story Hearts Synchronize will be appearing in the dark incarnation of the two-tome duology, alongside stories from some authors I have appeared alongside before, like J.L. Royce and John A. DeLaughter, and a bunch more practitioners of modern Mythos fiction.

You can see the full table of contents right here, with links to other author webpages and so on. Both books are scheduled to come out sometime during the summer.

As you can see here from the preview image, the cover is a jaw-dropper. I think it nails the perfect balance between the aesthetics of an ancient arcane tome and a Valentine, and I’m looking forward to see how all the stories therein do the same.

As I said, I’ll be appearing in the “dark” volume of this book, and there is also sure to be plenty of scorchers in the light volume of the set, the cover for which you can see to the right. Yes, the design aesthetics here are enough to drive you to frothing, babbling madness and the stories will be too!

As I mentioned in my last post, the Lovecraftian rom-com (or just the horror/rom-com mashup in general) is a genre close to my heart, and I think my story A Roommate Named Lazarus Black, which appears in the From Beyond The Threshold anthology from Eerie River Publishing probably falls under this category at least somewhat–if you’re looking for something to check out in a similar vein from me while you’re waiting to see what this one is all about.

That’s about all I’ve got for the moment — still waiting for the go-ahead on some big news which should be coming soon. In the meantime I’ll just be continuing to try to wrestle back my concentration from the doldrums of distraction, and enjoying the arctic weather. Take care everyone!