Monthly Archives: July 2023

Some quick early July updates

Hey everybody, M. here,

It’s been another hectic few weeks over here so I have gotten distracted from making this post a number of times, but I’ve got a couple of new developments to share now:

Independent Author Spotlight interview on the DMR website
Last month I had the privilege of appearing in DMR Books’ Independent Author Spotlight in conjunction with my story The Tears of Blood coming out in the inaugural Die By The Sword anthology. I got a chance to get into my background as a writer starting with my very earliest efforts, my influences within and outside of genre fiction, and what it all adds up to, or might add up to, both in my fiction in contemporary settings and in secondary-world dark fantasy. As I mentioned in the interview, I always enjoy reading the DMR Independent Author Spotlight and I was happy to make an appearance. I hope it is an entertaining read for those who want a little bit of insight into why and how I do what I do.

DBTS as a whole has been very well received so far, getting a nice review in Grimdark Magazine and generating some positive commentary on Goodreads. Grab yourself a copy if you have yet to, and get knee-deep or deeper in blood-soaked, sword-swinging supernatural action and adventure!

Eerie River Cosmic Horror anthology on the way in July
I got word not more than a few minutes ago that the cosmic horror anthology from Eerie River Publishing is now scheduled for a mid-late July release, so keep on the look out for more news on that one coming soon, and get ready for my story of urban apartment dwelling and the search for the perfect roommate, A Roommate Named Lazarus Black. It will make you laugh! It will make you scream! It just might even make you barf!

Time for me to try to get some stuff done, take care everyone and stay cool if you’re in a place that is currently hot!