Full table of contents for Strangely Funny VIII

Hey everybody, M. here,

The table of contents for Strangely Funny VIII is now live online if you want to check out what you’re in for! Strangely Funny VIII

Looking at the titles of the stories therein, it would appear the football zombie on the cover is a visual rendering of something that goes down in a tale of gridiron gore told by R.C. Mulhare, whose work can be found all over the place throughout the contemporary Cthulhuverse (including in Weirdbook and Lovecraftiana: The Magazine of Eldritch Horror).

And it looks like I will be once again sharing a TOC with genre fiction powerhouse and the brains behind Atlantean Publishing, D.J. Tyrer, who had a piece in this year’s Startling Stories.

So dig that link and see which other horrorists and humorists you can look forward to making you laugh, scream, or do both at the same time in Strangely Funny VIII. Get ready!

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