More stories on the way–and here (in audio)!

Hey everybody, M. here,

I’m running out the door right now but I realized that I’ve got a couple of things worth mentioning real quick, first of all I’ve got a…

New Story Forthcoming in an Eerie River Anthology!
I’ve been alluding to this one being on the way for a while, so I am happy as a shoggoth splashing around in its own syrup (and I think we all know how much they love that) to announce that I signed a contract the other day and my new story, A Roommate Named Lazarus Black, will be appearing in the upcoming cosmic horror anthology from Eerie River Publishing and will mark my first appearance in one of their collections. If you have somehow missed them, Eerie River is a Canadian indie horror press and the brainchild of author/editor/publisher Michelle River. Eerie River has been putting out all sorts of excellent and acclaimed books over the past few years and I am stoked to have a story slated to appear in one of them.

I’m also as happy as Nyarlethotep noshing on a Nutty Buddy Bar (well established as that particular Elder God’s favorite snack) to say that this anthology is curated by none other than Tim Mendees one of the most prolific authors and foremost humorists in today’s weird horror world. If you’re not familiar with his work, you should most definitely check out his two short story collections, his goth/industrial radio show (on which yours truly recently appeared as a guest), the festival he just organized in the UK and any of his gazillion other projects. And then get ready for this anthology, which I anticipate being a truly madcap romp of fear and fun! Of grotesquerie and levity! Seriously I can only imagine it’s going to be a doozy.

What can you expect from my story in particular? It’s a cosmic horror-comedy that is, I guess you could say, about dealing with the trials and tribulations of urban renting and the need to find a roommate in a pinch, or at least that’s where things begin–that’s as close to a spoiler as you’re getting. The anthology is slated for a June release, so keep an eye out here and over on Facebook for more information as things develop.

A Dazzling World now available (free) in audiobook form!
Early last month I got an amazing surprise from my buddy Rob, who you may be familiar with as the bassist of prog band Hedgehog and the Fox and the host of the Apocalypse Cinema podcast, that he had done an audiobook reading of my short story A Dazzling World. The story is an odd little sci-fi/horror tale of green goo, aesthetics, and entomological obsessions that initially appeared in print in JayHenge Publishing‘s Professor Feiff’s Compleat Guide to Xenobiology… anthology (which is, by the way, quite good cover-to-cover). The audiobook rendition of it sounds absolutely amazing, so give it a listen here.

Don’t Forget to Grab the Latest Lovecraftiana!
If you’re looking for some new Cthulhu and Cthulhu-adjacent fiction to wrap your tentacles around and you have yet to pick up a copy of the Candlemas 2023 issue of Lovecraftiana: The Magazine of Eldritch Horror, you can still quite easily and economically grab that monstrous volume in print or on Kindle and commence to reading yourself screamingly, frothingly nuts! Featuring a bunch of brand new, weird fiction, a piece of non-fiction by John DeLaughter about the first run of Weird Tales a century ago, and of course my new novelette of odd gods, weird bugs, and mad science, The Study of Worms.

Anyway, I am now officially running late so if there are any typos or poorly constructed sentences/jokes, that’s my excuse. Take care everyone!