New story acceptance and some other New Year news!

Hey everybody, M. here,

Happy New Year! I’ve had a few cool developments pop up over the past few weeks so I’ll jump right into it:

“The Tears of Blood” to appear in Die By The Sword
Excited to say that I signed a new contract and my sword & sorcery story “The Tears of Blood” will be appearing in the upcoming Die By The Sword anthology from DMR Books. The book is slated to hit the shelves in May. Much more to say about this one soon!

Road Trip God Trailer on YouTube
I posted this a while back on Facebook, but in case you missed it — the psychos over at PsychoToxin Press put together this insane trailer for their Road Trip God anthology, which will feature my flash horror story “Leap of Faith.” Take a look:

As mentioned in the video, that anthology should be out near the end of the month, so get ready!

Picture of all my 2022 releases
Here’s another one that I posted on Facebook a bit ago — as you can see, it’s a collage I put together of the magazines and anthologies containing all of the stories I had come out over the year.

One of the many things I have learned over the past few years of getting my fiction published is that it is really difficult to set up a picture like that and get everything into it that you want. So I figured since I put so much effort into taking it, I should also let the whole non-Facebook internet out there see it.

And those publications should all still be available, so pick them up online or ask your local weird bookseller to get them in for you if you’re interested. And you can of course scroll back further down on this blog for more in-depth information on each one of them.

Alright, time for me to go get my weekend started. I should have another announcement coming up soon, just waiting to get some i’s dotted and t’s crossed on before I say anything about it.

Take care everyone!